My site

My Life In Tech

This is my first post to this site and hopefully there will be a zillion to follow it. I am going to start writing about my life experiences. Whatever it may be such as technology, life, the world, what I have done, what I want to do , or just whatever I am thinking about at the moment. I want it to be a way for me to express myself, a way for me to build relationships with other people, a way to promote myself, a way to learn about myself, and a way for me to learn about other things. My interest in things are constantly changing from day to day, I have many hobbies and the list of them keep growing as time passes. I plan on writing at least one post each week but as life happens we will see how that goes.

Subjects that I might talk about: Computers, programming, web design, more specifically my journey in technology, what I learn about, how I do things, what I use, and what I think.

Currently my code interest are: Python, django, drupal, web design with fancy css and jquery, responsive design, jekyll, android, and adjusting my coding workflow.

This site will be my playground to try out new ideas, write about my experiences and the many projects that I take on, all while being the holding tank for my life in tech. I hope my adventures become a resource for others to expand their knowledge with as well.